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Voxelwar is a new multiplayer voxel FPS taking place in a fully destructible, random blocky world. It features stationary weapons like mortars and LMGs that can be slowly moved, airstrikes with destroyable planes, and maps with dynamic environment (like changing visibility). Smart bots are available which attack the enemy, defend their own base/intel, use mortar artillery and dig trenches in the war zone.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/QRtHmHx

Install instructions

Extract the .zip, then doubleclick "start_moderncompute.exe" on a PC with OpenGL 3.3 support, otherwise "start_oldcomputer.exe" on older PCs. It will automatically connect to the server and start the game.


vxw_11_r1_windows.zip 4 MB
vxw_11_r1_linux.zip 3 MB

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