Voxelwar release version 12

Releasing voxelwar version 12!

-Bolt-action rifle got a complete overhaul! Now with a scope attached to the model and bullet-by-bullet reloading (like the shotgun in Ace of Spades)!

-Added ejected bullet casings, they really contribute to the atmosphere!

-Added minimap, changed intel sprites to catch the player's eye better (as it seems some people joined and didn't know what to do even if there was a short game mode message)

-In previous versions, weapons could smoke when they got too hot, but only the MG actually did achieve the heat levels. Now I adjusted the values so that the SMG and Semi-automatic rifle can start smoking too as an indicator of overheating. This should also be an additional indicator of temperature - keep in mind Voxelwar simulates that too and weapon spread increases with high temperatures!

-Added mortar angle indicator

-Selecting medikit now adds a medic ribbon to your arm, indicating your medic abilities to other players!

-Engine optimizations and performance improvements

-Added "3D" modelled gun sights! Previously, gun sights were all just a .PNG over the gun. Now it's 2 sight components at some distance to each other. Semi-automatic rifle got much cooler now, while SMG got more difficult to use. I increased the SMG's "effectiveness level" which reduces recoil and spread, making it a bit more OP to counter-balance it. Below picture shows it in the middle of a shot.

-More bugfixes; Especially, I fixed a crouch desync bug. Right now, position synchronization works surprisingly well and even when jumping the deviations between server and client are somehow small.

-Added an optional (on by default) hit indicator

-Performance fix for airstrikes! Now they're more available: Get a kill streak of 8 or capture the intel to call in an airstrike. Airstrike planes can be shot down by the enemy, however!

-Added biplanes that regularly drop medical supplies at random locations (see picture). Coming close to these will fully heal you

-Made smoke spread out more while being less persistent in OpenGL mode, which makes it look more realistic while being as performant as before

-Added text shading, increasing its readability under difficult conditions!

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