Voxelwar bugfix/mini-update release 12b

-Fixed medikits and healing sometimes crashing the game

-"Fixed" players getting stuck on the map view if they pressed "m" and then the enter key by accident, not realizing they're in the chat typing line - when typing chat with the map open, the chat box will now be displayed on top of the map

-Fixed creating block dirt particles inside stuck areas that caused weird patterns when digging down, partially rewrote dirt particle generation to look better

-Removed the aiming hard block when you get hurt if the engine can blur the screen instead

-Turned down default graphics settings a bit because it seemed like many players's PCs couldn't handle some of the settings

-Added Text box for the nickname when starting the game the first time

-Limited particles and smoke amount for the OpenGL2.1 renderer (which can be a big source of lag during sandstorms etc.)

-Improved OpenGL blur, fixed blur lagging on some PCs

[SERVERSIDE]Fixed planes getting stuck in trees - it was only a server-side fix but still
[SERVERSIDE]Supply biplanes now prefer not dropping medikits into water


vxw_12b_windows.zip 7 MB
14 days ago
vxw_12b_linux.zip 3 MB
14 days ago

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